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Differentiated design, elevated materials and quality craftsmanship

We started ELEVENFT (Eleven Feet) for a number of reasons, but it really boiled down being able to offer soccer fans — from professional players to amateur enthusiasts — an alternative sock to the “Big 3” brands. Beyond providing you with just functional benefits, we also believe soccer socks should be a way for you to express yourself — by allowing you to choose from a wide variety of distinct designs and styles.

Player in ELEVENFT Soccer Socks

While ELEVENFT socks can be worn by anyone, we aren’t here to tell you that our socks will make you run faster, turn quicker or just make you a better player overall. That’s just marketing 101. What we will tell you is that our socks are extremely comfortable and made with the upmost attention to detail, such as the seamless toe closure process we use to finish all our socks. We’ll tell you that our socks are manufactured on the finest Italian machines available, in North Carolina, USA (which was once the sock capital of the world), by a family-owned business who have almost 100 years of history. We’ll also tell you that we’re focused on using premium yarns and materials like Merino Wool, with naturally occurring benefits that you won’t get from wearing artificial alternatives, such as moisture absorption, heating and cooling, and reduced odor.

Ultimately our goal is to make soccer socks that look different and feel amazing on your feet. Socks you’ll want to wear on and off the pitch.